Semipermanent Makeup

Semipermanent Makeup

Powder Brows

The pigment is used to simulate a shade, this technique is often used for people who want to skip the process of doing their brows with makeup and want to have perfect-looking brows at all times

Duration: 9 to 12 months


This semi-permanent technique enhances the appearance of your brows by streaking pigment into the skin with short, fine, hair-like strokes, using a handheld tool with a blade made up of tiny needles.

The pigment is used to simulate brow hairs, therefore, is recommended to people who have not-so-hairy brows and want to avoid the process of having to fill them in with makeup all the time

Duration: 8 to 12 months


It’s a semi-permanent brow shading that fills gaps with pigments suitable for the epidermal level, based on small dark dots with a gradient-like appearance. This technique is ideal for sparse brows without definition or with a scar, leaving a makeup look on the brows.

Duration: between 12 to 24 months

Lip blush

It is a semi-permanent lip tattoo that enhances the lips’ natural color and improves the shape, correct symmetry, and definition. This treatment offers very natural results, once healed.

Duration: 8 months approximately

Lash Extensions

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