Hyaluron Lips

Get more attractive and healthy lips thanks to the application of Hyaluronic acid on your lips!

This is a treatment that keeps the lip tissues supple, hydrated and rejuvenated. In addition, it not only proides a beautiful volume, but also strengthens and provides symmetry according to the natural features of the face.

We seek a harmony in the facial features of the patient (chin, cheekbones and nose) and achieve more hydrated, defined, voluminous lips and, thanks to the high hydration, also improves their coloration.

Its duration is approximately 1 year.


Lip Hydration

Do you want to recover the vitality of your lips WITHOUT adding volume? 💋

My new REVITALIPS procedure is ideal for you 😍

✨The hydration protocol is very broad and complete
✨It is not invasive
✨And the best… it’s an exclusive treatment that doesn’t hurt or incapacitate🌷 🏻💝

In it we use specific products for the lip area and the perioral area with which we will obtain a natural result.